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Accurate immersion/penetration probe

57.02 Ex. VAT
  • Temperature measurement in liquids, in pastes and in the air
  • Precise NTC sensor
  • Measuring range: -35 to +80°C
With the appropriate measuring instrument, the immersion and penetration probe (IP67) enables precise temperature measurement in liquids, in pastes and in the air. 

Fast-action immersion/penetration probe (TC type K)

120.66 Ex. VAT
  • 5 mm thin probe tip for fast temperature recording, 60 mm long probe shaft
  • Very short response time of 3 seconds
  • Measuring range: -60 to +800 °C
  • Splash-proof in accordance with IP54
Fast-action temperature probe with penetration tip – ideal for temperature measurements in pastes and semi-solid media, in liquids and in the air.  

Flexible immersion measuring tip – with TC type K temperature sensor

36.36 Ex. VAT
  • Fast temperature measurement in liquids, air and viscoplastic substances
  • Thermocouple type K
  • Measuring range: -200 to +40°C
Ideal for fast temperature measurements in liquids, air or viscoplastic media. The flexible immersion measuring tip ensures reliable measurement even at particularly low temperatures. 

Frozen food tip, 95 mm long

70.25 Ex. VAT
  • For temperature measurement of deep-frozen goods
  • Reliable measurement of the core temperature of semi-solid media
  • Penetrates meat and cheese without any problems
Use the frozen goods tip (length: 95 mm) in combination with the appropriate measuring instrument (e.g. testo 105) for the temperature measurement of deep-frozen goods. 

Frozen goods probe (TC type T) – for screw-in use

138.84 Ex. VAT
  • Can easily be screwed into frozen food, no pre-drilling required
  • Cable detachable
  • Very robust design
  • Thermocouple type T
The frozen goods probe (with an appropriate measuring instrument) enables core temperatures to be measured in frozen food. 

High-precision immersion/penetration probe (Pt100)

414.05 Ex. VAT
  • Pt100 sensor for highly accurate measurement results
  • Potential system accuracy of 0.05 °C at a resolution of 0.001 °C (depending on the measuring instrument connected)
  • Optional calibration to ISO or DAkkS possible
  • Measuring range: -80 to +300 °C
In conjunction with an appropriate temperature measuring instrument – e.g. the testo 735 – the high-precision immersion/penetration probe can achieve a system accuracy of 0.05 °C at a resolution of 0.001 °C. 

High-precision Pt100 immersion and penetration probe

404.96 Ex. VAT
High-precision Pt100 immersion and penetration probe

Measuring tip with TC connector type T

57.02 Ex. VAT
  • Wiry measuring tip for fast measurement of temperatures in incoming goods
  • Ideal for measuring between the packages in frozen goods
The measuring tip with TC connector type T is ideal for measuring temperatures in incoming goods. 

Mini Alarm Thermometer

44.63 Ex. VAT
  • Adjustable min./max. alarm
  • Permanently connected probe
  • With clip for set-up, wall mounting or attachment
  • Measuring range: -50 to 150 °C
The affordable mini thermometer with min./max. alarm. Small dimensions, big performance: an acoustic signal sounds when the temperature exceeds or falls below the individually adjustable limit values. 

Mini Immersion Thermometer

32.23 Ex. VAT
  • Measure air and core temperatures easily and accurately
  • The 213 mm long penetration probe is perfect for immersion/penetration measurements
  • Measuring range up to +250 °C
  • Includes protective tube with attachment clip

Mini Penetration Thermometer (150 °C)

23.14 Ex. VAT
  • Measure air and core temperatures quickly and reliably
  • 133 mm penetration probe for measurements up to +150 °C
  • For various uses – in the laboratory, and heating and ventilation sector, etc.
  • Includes protective tube with attachment clip
Take fast, reliable liquid or air temperature measurements with our mini penetration thermometer. The slender, pointed penetration probe of the mini thermometer is perfect for measuring core temperatures. 

Robust food penetration probe (NTC)

110.74 Ex. VAT
  • NTC temperature sensor
  • With special handle, reinforced PUR cable
  • Measuring range: -25 to +150 °C
  • EN 13485 and HACCP-compliant
The robust food penetration probe (with a corresponding measuring instrument) enables the measurement of core food temperatures.