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Best Black Friday Buys For the HVAC Industry!

As if you didn't know it, Black Friday is upon us. Black Friday of course follows the American holiday of Thanksgiving. Did you know, though, that the phrase 'Black Friday' originally referred to the financial market crash back in 1869?Two investors, Fisk and the aptly named Gould, decided to purchase a large quantity of gold with a view to selling it later for a much higher price. Their idea was that if they could buy up as much gold as they could get their hands on, they would effectively increase demand and encircle the gold market. The government at the time didn't think much of this however. President Grant stepped in and released millions of dollars worth of treasury gold onto the market, which drove the metal's price right down. Unfortunately, it also had devastating...

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Which Thermometer Is Best Suited For Your Needs? An Overview

Many people associate thermometers with needing to check for a fever when they are sick. However their application in certain industries has made workflows smoother, quicker, and more efficient. The heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) sector relies heavily on temperature management to maintain quality control and ensure health and safety best practices are followed. The pharmaceutical industry offers another fine example, as medicines often need to be maintained at a certain temperature. But what is the difference between an infrared thermometer and a surface thermometer? Is there one? Read on to find out more! #1 - The Surface Thermometer Surface thermometers offer a broad range of uses, such as within the engineering sector, the sanitation sector, or the HVAC sector. They are designed to accurately measure the temperature of any given surface they attach to, with...

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How To Keep Your Cool When Managing A Cold Chain

Recent decades have seen the advent of a new type of medical treatment derived from native biological sources. Because of their origins, these biopharmaceuticals require the application of stringent quality control methods to ensure compliance. Some products must be kept at certain temperatures throughout their lifecycle in order to meet regulations, often called a cold chain. Managing a cold chain can present many challenges to the pharmaceutical industry. Ensuring that temperature-sensitive vaccines, drugs and biopharmaceuticals are being consistently monitored for any change in temperature is crucial. Quality can be compromised when temperature either rises or falls past a certain level. This can mean the drug’s efficacy is reduced and there is an added risk of becoming legally noncompliant.  Why is the cold chain so important? From production to storage to distribution, there are a number of stages of...

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How To Maintain Quality When Reusing Cooking Oil

Running a busy commercial kitchen is a tough job. Customers expect your food to be of the highest quality, not only when it comes to taste but also presentation. Maintaining this service level is crucial to the success of your business, although the actual operational side of things should not be overlooked either - ensuring stock levels are consistent so that your chefs don’t find themselves short on ingredients without wasting money by over ordering on certain items. Equally important is the need to adhere to health and safety regulations so that you don't need to worry about hefty fines or court cases. One area where you need to be aware of this is in the reuse of cooking oil.  Cooking oil remains one of the most widely used items in kitchens across Ireland and the...

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Take The Headache Out Of Your Raw Material Identification

If you work within the pharmaceutical industry, then you know that strict regulatory guidelines govern Quality Analysis and Quality Control. In order to maintain compliance, these regulations often dictate that certain measures or process improvements must be implemented.  Keeping pharmaceuticals at peak quality means consistent and rigorous analysis at all stages of the manufacturing and distribution process. Without maintaining strict quality control procedures, companies risk product inefficiencies and heavy fines for non compliance.Raw Material Identification A key part of Quality Control is raw material identification. Complex brokerage agreements can mean that a product may be repackaged or relabeled multiple times. In order to accurately identify the contents of each container of starting material, appropriate measures must be taken. The receiving party should conduct its own identity checks rather than relying on the supplier of the material...

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