Best Black Friday Buys For the HVAC Industry!

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As if you didn’t know it, Black Friday is upon us. Black Friday of course follows the American holiday of Thanksgiving. Did you know, though, that the phrase ‘Black Friday’ originally referred to the financial market crash back in 1869?

Two investors, Fisk and the aptly named Gould, decided to purchase a large quantity of gold with a view to selling it later for a much higher price. Their idea was that if they could buy up as much gold as they could get their hands on, they would effectively increase demand and encircle the gold market. The government at the time didn’t think much of this however. President Grant stepped in and released millions of dollars worth of treasury gold onto the market, which drove the metal’s price right down. Unfortunately, it also had devastating consequences on the economy, leading to months of market turmoil.

Fast forward some years and Black Friday now refers to another kind of market turmoil. As the first shopping day after Thanksgiving, shops would often discount stock items to prepare for Christmas. This led to higher and higher numbers of people out shopping, which in turn led to more traffic accidents and even violence. That’s why police officers in the US started referring to this day as Black Friday, and the name has stuck ever since.

Here at Antech though, we have only positive vibes to bring to our Black Friday shoppers. Here is a selection of our top 3 best buys from across our site. Remember, selected items are 10% off with code BLACK10 at the checkout!

Thermal Imaging Camera Testo 872

The testo 872 Thermal Imaging Camera is ideally suited for professional industrial and building thermography and ensures that your work is both quick and easy.

Thermal Imaging Camera

Thermal Imaging Camera Testo 872

It is versatile to use, for instance in industrial and mechanical maintenance or for detecting structural defects. You can generate error-free and objectively comparable infrared images using its handy functions.  You can take a closer look at the Thermal Imaging Camera here.

Testo Saveris Data Logger and Base

The Testo range of data loggers is vast with data loggers suitable for all requirements. The Saveris base can receive measurement data from up to 150 different probes – making it perfect for larger environments. When limit values are violated or near violation point, the Saveris base with GSM module triggers an alarm, sending you a text notification! You can read more about the Testo Saveris Base here.

Volume Flow Hood – Testo 420

The testo 420 volume flow hood for larger air inlets and outlets enables fast and precise compliance with hygiene guidelines. It provides reliable support with the calculation of the overall volume flow on HVAC systems, for instance in hospitals, office buildings or commercial buildings. You can take a further look at the Testo 420 here.

Happy Black Friday everyone, and don’t forget – use code BLACK10 at the checkout!